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Steps on How to Season Cast Iron

Trying to figure out how to your cast iron is a slow and thoughtful process. The importance of using cast iron is that it helps you reduce the amount of water usage at your home. Using a towel to clean food particles and excess oil is an important element in cleaning cast iron. To ensure proper preservation and maintenance of your cast iron, it is important that you learn on various methods of seasoning. This article explains the process of seasoning as well as the correct time to carry out re seasoning and hence you need to go through it. Most people prefer cooking and frying using cast iron because of their ability to withstand and maintain high temperatures. Seasoning of cast iron should be carried out only when necessary.

Applying oils on the cooking surfaces of cast iron will help prevent rust. Coating cast iron with oil and baking it at high temperatures is termed as seasoning. Time and strength of seasoning a cast iron will be saved when you purchase a pre seasoned cast iron.

Before seasoning, you are first required to clean the cast iron cookware properly. Mineral oil and grade wax coating on new cast iron that has been shipped is important since it helps prevent rusting. It is advisable that you remove the coating on the new cast iron before using or seasoning it. A steel wool and soap can be used to remove the coating on the cast iron. After cleaning the iron, smoothen the pans’ surface by use of kosher salt. The next step after cleaning your cast iron is to season it. Animals’ fat or solid oils are added to the cast iron and cooked when seasoning. Examples of fats and oils that can be used in seasoning include coconut oils, palm and hydrogenated cooking oils. During seasoning, you should avoid the use of liquid oils because they are sticky and difficult to clean. Undesirable taste to foods cooked using the newly seasoned cast iron is as a result of using liquid oils during seasoning. A properly seasoned cast iron should have a smooth and shiny surface.

Warming your cast iron in the oven for a while is one of the methods of seasoning. Cast iron should be removed from the oven after it has warmed. It is important to return the cast iron into the oven after you have applied some cooking oil to its cooking surface. High temperatures are used for cooking the cast pan for about half an hour. You can choose to store or use your cast iron after following these steps.

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